Title Details
Promoting Hybrid Rice Seeds Download (37.51 KB) pdf
SAARK Seed Bank Guidelines Download (3.34 MB) PDF
Assistance for Creation Strengthening of Infrastructure Facilities for production and distribution of quality seeds Download (17.51 KB) pdf
Assistance for Boosting Seed Production in the Private Sector Download (72.42 KB) pdf
Quality Control Arrangements on Seeds Download (2.17 MB) pdf
Guidelines for the Implementation of International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture for Facilitated Access under Multilateral System Download (5.51 MB) pdf
Operational Guidelines on SMSP Under NMAET Download (163.81 KB) pdf
Seed Village Scheme Download (317.23 KB) doc
Guidelines for transport subsidy Download (83.5 KB) doc
Establishment and maintenance of Seed Bank Download (75.11 KB) pdf


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