The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) heads the Vigilance Division of the organization and acts as an advisor to the chief executive in all matters pertaining to vigilance. He also provides a link between his organization and the Central Vigilance Commission on one hand and his organization and the Central Bureau of Investigation on the other. Vigilance functions to be perform by the CVO are of wide sweep and include collecting intelligence about the corrupt practices committed, or likely to be committed by the employees of his organization;investigating or causing an investigation to be made into verifiable allegations reported to him; processing investigation reports for further consideration of the disciplinary authority concerned; referring the matters to the Commission for advice wherever necessary; taking steps to prevent improper practices or commission of misconduct; examining audit; inspection and other reports from the point of vigilance angle, etc. Thus, the CVO's functions can be broadly divided into
three categories, viz. (i) Preventive vigilance; (ii) Punitive Vigilance; and (iii) Surveillance and detection. As in charge of Vigilance Unit, he is the Nodal Officer to coordinate and monitor action on complaints and allegations of corruption. The channel of submission and the level at which decisions for different items of vigilance work are finalized, are as follows :-

The channel of submission and the level at which decisions for different items of vigilance work are finalized
S. No. Items of work Channel of Submission Level of final disposal
1. Complaints and disciplinary proceedings against officers and members of staff under the vigilance jurisdiction of the Department.
Group ‘A’ officers US/Dir/CVO/Secretary AM/MoS
Group ‘B’ & ‘C’ Officers / Officials US/Dir/CVO Respective Disciplinary Authority
2. Appeals / Review / Revision Petitions
Gr.’A’ officers US/Dir/CVO/ Secretary AM/MoS
Gr.’B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ officers US/Dir/CVO Respective Appellate/Review/ Revision Authority
3. Vigilance Clearance
Gazetted Officers (beyond 13A and officers of the level of JS/AS/SS) SO/US/DS/CVO Secretary
Gazetted Officers (beyond 11 upto 13A) SO/US/DS CVO
Gazetted/Non-Gazetted Officers (beyond level 7 upto level 11) SO/US DS
Non-Gazetted Officials (upto level 7) SO US
Involving Disciplinary proceeding cases SO/US/DS CVO
4. Coordination Work SO/US/DS CVO
5. Statistical returns to DOPT/CVC/ PMO SO/US/DS CVO
6. Vigilance inspections of attached /subordinate offices SO/US/DS CVO
7. Preventive Vigilance SO/US/DS CVO

Organizational set up in the Chief Vigilance Office:

CVO is primarily responsible for the enforcement of anti-corruption measures of the Government of India in the Department and for implementation of the instructions/ guidance issued by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi for the
maintenance of integrity in the public services. As per the provisions envisaged in the Vigilance Manual, the petitions/complaints/the source reports sent by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi, any member of the public, junior officials of the
staff, press reports, proceedings of Parliament, audit reports, Stock Verification Reports, surprise inspections, scrutiny of annual property returns, intelligence reports etc. are examined with due care at the Level of Senior Officers of the Department. It
is then sent to the appropriate authorities for getting their comments or for launching preliminary enquiries. In case prima facie case is made out, appropriate action, either disciplinary or legal proceedings is initiated against the charged Government servant
with the approval of Competent Authority and with the advice of the Central Vigilance Commission, as the case may be.

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week From 28th Oct to 2nd Nov 2019

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