• Overview

    Cooperation overview

    The Cooperative Sector has been playing a significant role in the area of disbursing agricultural credit providing market support to farmers, distribution of agricultural inputs and imparting cooperative education and training etc.Agriculture MarketingThe basic objective of the Cooperation Division is to design long term and short term strategies for reducing economic disparities between the downtrodden rural people and the rural rich as well as regional imbalances, including rural and urban differences. The Cooperation Division is implementing one Central Sector Plan Scheme in the country during the 12th Five Year Plan viz. Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Cooperation having two sub-components (i) Assistance to NCDC programmes for development, including assistance to Multi-State Cooperative Societies and (ii) Assistance for Cooperative Education & Training.

  • Programmes & Schemes

    JS.DO letter to States and UTs
    Price Support Scheme(PSS):The Operational Guidelines
    Assistance to National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India. (NAFED)
    Assistance of National Cooperative Federations
    Cooperative Education & Training
    Assistance to NCDC Programmes for Develoment of Co-operative under the Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Co-opertation during 12th Five Year Plan
  • Central Agency and Grantee Institution

    National Council for Cooperative Training, (NCCT)
    National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. (NAFED)
  • Subordinate Offices

    National Cooperative Development Corporation, (NCDC)
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