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Archive Tender

Sl. No. Title Details Expiry Date
121 Revised Tender Notice for Hiring Services for Crop Cutting Experiment Download (501.81 KB) pdf 28/01/2016
122 Supply of Rubber stamps self inking and computerized self inking (Flash) for use in the Department of Agriculture Coopertaion and Farmers Welfare -invitation of quotations -regarding Download (4.89 MB) pdf 21/01/2016
123 Tender Notice for Hiring Services for Crop Cutting Experiment Download (501.51 KB) pdf 20/01/2016
124 Decoration/Upgradation of Reception area (Gate no.1 and 6) of Krishi Bhawan Complex, New Delhi - invitation of e-tender regarding Download (22.64 MB) pdf 18/01/2016
125 Tender for running a Cafeteria at 4th floor of Krishi Bhawan, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, New Delhi Download (398.1 KB) pdf 15/01/2016
126 Supply Installation, Erection and Commissioning of lP based CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance including required networking in Krishi Bhawan Complex, New Delhi- Invitation of Tender Download (71.49 KB) pdf 07/01/2016
127 AMC of NFC make Key Telephone System & Key Telephone Instruments Download (4.89 MB) pdf 06/01/2016
128 Auction of Condemned Car Download (796.88 KB) pdf 30/12/2015
129 Rate Contract for onsite Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Hardweres (like PCs, Printers, Colour Printer,Laptop, UPS etc.) installed in the office of National Rained Area Authority Download (237.5 KB) pdf 28/12/2015
130 Comprehensive Contract for supply of grocery items like various items of Tea/Coffee, Milk Powder, Sugar Cubes, Juice and Biscuits etc. for use in the Departmental Canteen of the Department – Invitation Download (543.72 KB) pdf 28/12/2015


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