Sl. No. Title Details Expiry Date
1 Open Tender Notice Short term rate contract for supply Stationery Items for Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation & FW. Download (8.2 MB) pdf 16/08/2017
2 Contract for supply of packaged Drinking Water Jars of 20 liter each for use in water dispensers in Ministries. Download (465.75 KB) pdf 16/08/2017
3 Tender Notice for hiring services of Skilled Manpower Service Provider to provide technical manpower to MNCFC. Download (1.08 MB) pdf 10/08/2017
4 Rate contract for Binding of PBR, Service Books, Bill Book, Registers, Records/Library Books/ Stitching of Files, Papers, reports, Vouchers, etc. of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation--calling of on-line quotations. Download (331.55 KB) pdf 30/07/2017
5 RFP for Impact Evaluation Study of the Scheme Sub-mission on Seeds and Planting Material (SMSP) under National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology (NMAET)-reg. Download (795.04 KB) pdf
6 Cancellation of Bidding Process of KCC Service Provider to DACFW Download (1.4 MB) pdf
7 Cancellation Tender of Supply of IT Consumables. Download (354.43 KB) pdf
8 Request for Proposal for providing Kisan Call Centre (KCC) Services to DAC&FW, Refrence: RFP/KCC/DAC&FW/2017 (Corrigendum-II). Download (277.55 KB) pdf
9 Clarification, Queries/Suggestions of Bidders and DAC&FW responses in respect to KCC RFP. Download (201.22 KB) pdf
10 Corringendum for opening of financial bids ffor Request of Proposal (RFP) for undertaking Evaluation and Impact Assessment Studies of Extension Initiatives. Download (173.32 KB) pdf
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