Recent Initiatives

Title Details
Compassionate Appointment list 2018. Download (221.17 KB) pdf
Minutes for Zaid Conference-2020 Download (594.49 KB) pdf
Chaalenge in zaid summer cultivation-Agriculture commisioner(DAC-FW) Download (1.33 MB) pptx
Zaid Summer Cropes_UP Download (967.29 KB) pptx
Extending irrigation efficiency for zaid session crop under(PMKSY) Download (7.29 MB) pptx
Impact of Horticulture Mission,MIDH PPT 16-1-2020 Final_JS Download (2.55 MB) pptx
Innovative Technologies and Technology-ICAR Download (8.06 MB) pdf
Horticulture-Maharashtra Download (1.65 MB) pdf
Supply Chain and linking farmers,NCCD Download (8.28 MB) pptx
Zaid Summer Cropes Tamil Nadu Download (5.53 MB) pptx


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