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Title Details
Overview of ICT Initiatives in Agriculture Download (4.28 MB) ppt
USSD Applications in Agriculture Download (5.1 MB) ppt
Farm Crop Management System (FCMS), Crop Doctor and other Tamil Nadu Initiatives Download (1.38 MB) pdf
E Parwana Licensing Application Download (5.97 MB) ppt
Soil Testing Application Download (2.94 MB) ppt
Farm Machinery Delivery System & e-Jal-nidhi application in Odisha Download (2.41 MB) ppt
GIS Applications in Agriculture Download (11.24 MB) pdf
Use of Satellite Technology BHUVAN in Agriculture particularly Drought Management Download (16.55 MB) ppt
Managing Micro Irrigation Programme in Gujarat by Gujarat Green Revolution Company Download (2.87 MB) ppt
Basic features of NeGP-A Guidelines during XII Plan Download (2.81 MB) ppt


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